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Welcome to DireLilith's Wicked Ways!

Fantasy is so much sweeter than reality - dungeons and dragons and hordes of treasure heaped deep within a mountain fortress! But, what if not all dungeons held silver and gold, but things more immoral, more adult and satisfying? What if the Drow were the sex symbols of an ancient and medieval world that finally admits to its perverse desire for painful pleasure? And what if the damsel in distress didn’t want to be rescued from the very wicked but so seductive sorceress keeping her prisoner in a tower of ice? Wouldn’t elves and ogres crave sex and deviance, too? Weren’t the fairytales of youth truly based on reality, on what could happen to the young virginal maiden who strayed from the path in the woods? Weren’t they just made up by old women to keep you from discovering how delicious wicked, evil sin could be?

This is what it tastes like to live in a real fantastical realm! And this is where you’re welcomed to explore it, every dirty aspect, life and death in the fantastical world of DireLilith!

After Dark Fantasies
Debauched Dreams
Erotic Illusions
Digital Erotic Master List

Renderotica - 3D Adult Erotic Art
Renderotica - 3D Adult Erotic Art

Sardo Numspa

Blackstar Orbit

Raunchy Minds

Weird and Sexy

Sickest Sites

Preview pictures are provided for your enjoyment and to help you make an informed decision. They are not free of copyright so please respect this artist and do not distribute them to others. All images copyright 2008 Sidhe, WebWych, DireLilith


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